APM Consulting provides specialized expertise and many years of experience in the people mover industry to our clients. Our services can be bundled together into a large project or selected individually to fulfill customer needs.

APM Operations & Maintenance Services

APM Consulting has the ability to team with a variety of multinational corporations to provide its customers with a full range of operations and maintenance services. APM Consulting provides expertise in the operations and maintenance of both airport and urban APM systems.

APM Consulting & Sub-Consulting

As an independent company APM Consulting has the ability to provide turnkey service or operate as a sub-consultant to another service provider. This flexibility allows you the customer to put together the best team for your specific project.

Specification Review & Evaluation

Our many years of experience give us the ability to review and evaluate specifications from system suppliers to ensure they will meet customer requirements.


APM Consulting offers independent auditing services for Maintenance, Training, Operations & Safety programs. This allows our customers to know they are receiving the level of service they are paying for. It also helps our clients comply with the required APM Standards regarding APM system audits.

Management & Technical Oversight

John Champ, the founder of APM Consulting, provided Management & Technical Oversight for the APM system at Denver International Airport. His many years of experience as an APM systems and services supplier, gives him the ability to evaluate Maintenance, Training, Operations & Safety plans to ensure they will meet the manufacturers requirements and the customer needs.

Contract Review, Evaluation, & Negotiations

Mr. Champ has been involved in many contract negotiations as both a supplier of services and as the customer purchasing them. This gives him a unique perspective not often found in other consulting organizations.

Facility Review & Evaluation

APM Consulting can evaluate your maintenance facility to determine its appropriateness to accommodate your APM fleet requirements.

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